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PRIMA Extender

PRIMA Extender

For your HuggerPRIMA

Zip-in to adjust Compression & Coverage


Made especially for //Who will love it?

Post-Surgical / Lymphedema / Every Day


The PrimaEXTENDER is made especially for

  • those who want to vary the compression of their HuggerPRIMA
  •  women who may have variable cup and body sizes with lymphedema, post-surgical swelling, etc. and want flexibility to adjust the fit
  • women who are post-surgical or in lymphedema management that need compression 24/7 but would like a bit more space for sleeping or warm weather or to accommodate for swelling/ bandages/ compression padding
  • anyone who wants to adjust the size and fit of their HuggerPRIMA without having to buy an extra bra:) 

Key PrimaEXTENDER Features:

  • Easy to zip in & out of the HuggerPRIMA
  • “Extends” the size of your Hugger 
  • Antibacterial, moisture wicking & durable
  • Easy care: machine wash & dry

M size PrimaEXTENDER =  S, M size HuggerPRIMA 

L size PrimaEXTENDER = L, XL, 2XL size HuggerPRIMA

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