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Wellness Bracelets

Wellness Bracelets

The Unspoken Healing Collection incorporates natural gemstones to create pieces that harness their unique and powerful properties. Each gemstone offers a different aspect of healing, fostering a life with meaningful intention.


Peach Moonstone - a feminine stone that aids in alleviating axiety + stress, soothing meitions+ mind.


Sunstone - believed to harness the power of the sun, bringing warmth, light + hope to those who wear it


Green Moss Agate - fosters emotional + physical balance, relaxing muscles, easing tension and improving blood circulation 


Moonstone - brings balance, stability and strength, especially for new beginnings



Single gemstones and gold bracelet | 14k gold filled 4mm beaded bracelet | 4-5mm gemstone beads | strung on high quality elastic string


Please indicate in notes/comments what size you prefer

Medium  | 6.75 inches

Large  | 7.5 inches


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