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Welcome to Magothy Therapy & Wellness!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Hello There!

I'm Kaitlin, an Occupational Therapist & founder of Magothy Therapy and Wellness, LLC. A daughter, a wife, a mother (of almost 2 boys, second due May 2022), a sister, a friend, a therapist, a former patient and a former caregiver. Over the past 13 years in the clinical field, once as a Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Therapist and as of 2014 and Occupational Therapist (OT), I have gained a lot of hands on experience and knowledge to help those with varying conditions across the age spectrum live life to the fullest and living as independently & functionally as possible.

Interestingly, I came across my specialties at different points of my life and careers. Growing up I knew I wanted to help others with oncology diagnoses as I had a lot of close family members battling all different forms of cancer, my father included. I saw and experienced what caregiver fatigue looked & felt like especially when it came to finding sound information and good safe products.

While I was working in Cardiopulmonary Rehab I shared a patient with one of my colleagues who was an Occupational Therapist that specialized in lymphedema, another area of care my patient required. Collaborating care and observing her Lymphedema skills while adding in my Cardiopulmonary background to meet this patients care needs, we were able to get the lymphedema under control, making the limb symmetrical to the other! AMAZING and so rewarding for all involved.

Going into OT school I thought I had my mind set... Oncology and Lymphedema that's my calling. But as time passed and I got into my clinical rotations, I found my love to help those with neurological needs, in particular Stroke, TBI, and Parkinson's diagnoses.

So here I am today with my three specialties as an outpatient therapist! Throughout the years I noticed one thing these three specialties needed, it was ease of access to resources and trustworthy information! Not just Mr. Google, which can provide some misleading or contradicting information. I wanted to create a space where it was easy to obtain trustworthy resources to maximize my patients care, which is why I started Magothy Therapy & Wellness! On my page you will find evidenced based and best practice information as well as safe and reliable therapeutic products. Enjoy the page and I wish you nothing but the best as you and/or a loved one navigate your healing journey.



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